From: Kenneth Whistler (kenw@sybase.com)
Date: Tue Jul 08 1997 - 15:16:36 EDT

Markus asked:

> Can anyone recommend me a good article or Web
> page about EBCDIC, its history, its design decisions, its technical
> properties, and what versions of EBCDIC exist?

John Clews can, no doubt, provide some sources for general background
on EBCDIC in the context of all the other character sets.

But the "horse's mouth", so to speak is:

Character Data Representation Architecture Reference and Registry
(CDRA), Document SC09-2190-00, Second Edition, December 1995. IBM.

This is a publicly available document which can be ordered through
any IBM representative or IBM branch office. It contains a CDROM
with all the code page specifications, together with software to
access them and a CDRA interface definition (e.g. for converting
between IBM code pages directly). The printed part of the document
lays out both the EBCDIC and PC encoding schemes in excruciating

--Ken Whistler

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