CJK Extension A (U+3400..4DFF)

From: Wenlin Institute (wenlin@wenlin.com)
Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 17:32:39 EDT

Can anybody tell me anything about CJK Unified Ideograph
Extension A (U+3400..4DFF)? Is there actually a list of
characters (tentatively) assigned in that range?

If anybody is interested, a list of non-Unicode Chinese
characters and components is at this URL:


Comments would be appreciated on whether any of the characters
listed are suitable for addition to Unicode. (Maybe some are
already in Extension A?)

Most of the characters listed are not used in modern Chinese, but
nearly all of them are used as components in modern Chinese
characters. They are therefore of interest for a system for
representing rare characters by specifying their components.
Wenlin Software for Learning Chinese uses them (1) for explaining
character composition and (2) in the construction of a font. The
font is in a unique format that allows for displaying characters
stroke-by-stroke in the standard stroke order, and it encodes
compound characters in terms of their components. For example,
the character for xiang4 'oak' is defined in the font as
having a modified form of mu4 'tree' on the left, and xiang4
'elephant' on the right. (The exact positions of the components
are defined by coordinates in a 128x128 grid.) This font
contains over 10,000 characters.


Tom Bishop

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