From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 16:46:05 EDT

> The Unicode web site mentions that an OBJECT REPLACEMENT CHARACTER U+FFFC
> is in the pipeline as an addition to Unicode, but doesn't give any more
> details. Does anyone know where on the net I can find out more?

The OBJECT REPLACEMENT CHARACTER is a placeholder in plain text for
the location of an embedded object (of any type). In independent
implementations of embedded objects in text, several vendors separately
discovered that having a single character in the text stream at the
point of embedding made their general text algorithms work better.
Because of the joint needs for the same kind of character, the UTC
standardized this at U+FFFC, and WG2 has approved it as well. (It is
still in balloting, but the outcome should not be in doubt.)

> I take it that this is unrelated to the General Variation Mark mentioned
> on the list last month.

Correct. It is unrelated.

--Ken Whistler

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> Tim
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