Re: "acute" in Polish

Date: Thu Jul 10 1997 - 09:30:15 EDT

I don't believe, that the polish accent is different from the acute accent.
Given the experience with the design of the ec fonts for TeX, I can
conclude, that there exists a design of the acute accent acceptable both
for polish and french. The acute of the ec fonts was designed by Boguslaw
Jackowski from Gdansk.

This situation is different from the umlaut/diaeresis problem, where no
design satisfying french and german users at one time can be found. In
german, the two dots need to be lower than the dot over the letter `i',
because of words like europ"aisch or j"unger, where three dots can occur in
sequence. In french, the diaeresis is as high as the dots on the i.

Yours, J"org Knappen.

BTW: I hope, that it will not become part of nationalistic pride to have
some unique characters for one's own language added to UNicode.

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