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Date: Wed Jul 09 1997 - 22:32:42 EDT

A 12:14 08/07/97 -0700, Unicode Discussion a écrit :
>> Although I feel pretty well informed about the various PC character sets
>> and all the ISO standards in this field, I have *very* little practical
>> knowledge about EBCDIC. Can anyone recommend me a good article or Web
>> page about EBCDIC, its history, its design decisions, its technical
>> properties, and what versions of EBCDIC exist? Just to know the
>> historic aspects ...
>C.E. MacKenzie, "Coded Character Sets, History and Development", IBM
>Systems Programming Series, Addison-Wesley (1980). I hardly know what to
>say about this book -- it contains an incredible amount of history and
>detail related to the development of coded character sets in general and
>ASCII & EBCDIC in particular, from the early Hollerith days to "mature
>ASCII", and yet it contains not one word about accented or non-Roman
>characters. Which goes to show how far we've come in "just" 17 years.
>- Frank

EBCDIC CECP code pages support the Latin 1 repertoire but have no space
left for additions like the Windows character sets. That's one of the
reasons why we need a standard interchange table that gives us EURO, French
and Finnish integral support.

Alain LaBonté

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