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From: Alain LaBont\i SCT (
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 08:42:00 EDT

A 07:29 09/07/97 -0400, KNAPPEN@MZDMZA.ZDV.UNI-MAINZ.DE a écrit :
>personally, I need the plus/minus sign more than many other latin-1
>characters, therefore latin-0 will be not the codeset of my choice,

[Alain] :
That might change again during the votes, who knows. But so far, alea jacta
est. I know that some sacrifices will have to be made, I guess all
characters are used by at least one person (and Latin 1 will stay).

Personally I would have thrown the REGISTERED TRADE MARK (which I replaced
on my keyboard in patching the driver for Π-- although in the meanwhile I
got a new commercial driver at home which now supports it in a standard
way, implementing ISO/IEC 9995-3 beyond Latin-1!)

But some say this mark is useful, so I did not object at once (although I
made the argument, with a proof, that on the same can of Coke in Canada I
have seen this sign + TM (Trade Mark) + MC (Marque de commerce) + MR (Marca
registrada), due to North American Free Trade Agreement, but I don't even
know the difference between these 4 marks, and for the latter 3 letters are
enough -- and nevertheless they have been encoded in the UCS).

At some point we have to stop though. Standards are always compromises.

[Jörg] :
>But I sincerly hope, that the new Latin-0 will not question the status of
>UNicode characters U+00c0 -- U+00ff. I only too badly remember the attempt
>of the turkish government to replace Latin-1 by Latin-5 there.

[Alain] :

Of course nobody had this idea... at least none of the proposers.
Personally I do not see the need for such a change. I do not believe that
conversions should be hard-wired by adding a zero octet or 3 zero octets.
It should always be table-driven, who knows... in this case you can have a
much more general conversion API.

Alain LaBonté
Zürich Airport

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