Re: NSCII Han-Nom

From: jenkins (
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 12:01:05 EDT

On 7/10/97 1:05 AM, Michel Bottin wrote:

>Does anybody knows the present status of Han-Nom characters encoding in
>Unicode standard? The TCVN-NSCII is speaking about a CJKV as a
>compatible extension of Unicode CJK for the Han-based Nom script. What's
>for ?

Vietnam has joined the IRG in order to coordinate the encoding of the
ideographs formerly used in writing Vietnamese with the work of WG2.
Hence the tendency to refer to the ideographs as being "CJKV" instead of
just "CJK."

The IRG has submitted to WG2 a "horizontal extension" to the current
Unihan, which includes additional mappings for character sets other than
the ones included among the original sources -- among them TCVN-NSCII. A
vertical extension with completely new ideographs is also under
consideration by WG2.

John H. Jenkins

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