Re: Code Page 928

From: Frank da Cruz (
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 14:51:14 EDT

> On Jul 10, 14:55, Unicode Discussion wrote:
> > Does anybody know what Code Page 928 is?
> A typo?
> In IBM's Character Data Representation Architecture, CP 928 is
> described as "Simplified Chinese PC Data including 1880 user-defined
> characters" -- which is probably not what you have :-)
> ...
But since this is Microsoft Windows 95, the CDRA goes out the "Window" :-)

The current theory is that the Greek user confused ELOT 928 (which is
the Greek national standard corresponding to ISO 8859-7) with a code
page, and somehow set his Windows code page to CP928, maybe using Regedit.
But he swears that CHCP reports "928" (even though he still sees Greek
on the console screen). Who knows, maybe CP928 is like the Chinese GB
character set, which actually does include Greek! (And Roman and Cyrillic)

Btw, for character-set collectors, there is also an ELOT 927, a 7-bit
set resembling Russian Short KOI, in which the uppercase ASCII letters
are Roman, and the lowercase ones are replaced by uppercase Greek. And
yes, it is still in wide use because of 7-bit communication paths (just
another gentle reminder to all that there are still such things), but no,
the Roman and Greek letters do not line up "by sound" as they do in
Short KOI.

Anyway, if the theory about installing CP928 holds water, the Greek guy had
better luck than I ever did trying change my Windows 95 console code page
from CP437 to (say) CP866 or CP852. But that's another story...


- Frank

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