?: double-byte font editor for Mac

From: Richard S. Cook (rscook@world.std.com)
Date: Fri Jul 11 1997 - 17:48:50 EDT

Hi everybody!
Just taking a stab at stirring up an old subject, to see if anything new
has turned up recently.

Still looking for a reasonably priced (couple-o-three hundred dollar)
double-byte font editor for Macintosh. Have discussed this with several
people frequenting these lists in the past, and *hope* something may now
be new.

I want to encode (and design input method for) a multi-thousand character
TrueType Chinese small-seal font, without shelling out multiple-tens of
thousands of dollars for the privilege! O.k., so call me jie2yve1de cheap

Any pointers, rumours?

Richard S. Cook, Jr.
Somerville, MA USA 02144
email: rscook@world.std.com

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