Re: support in browsers for fonts

From: Mark Bishop (
Date: Mon Jul 21 1997 - 07:53:23 EDT

 I use Alis' TANGO and their CREATOR programs. I like them even
though I'm finding Netscape's 4.0 is seemingly easier and quicker to
change the encoding.

 Also, TANGO doesn't install on NT at all. If you call Alis technical
support, they do offer a work around to the install. I tried it on my
NT 4.0 and it worked.

 Try ACCENT's multilingual browser/editor too,

> On Jul 19, 11:29, Keld Jorn Simonsen wrote:
> > I am looking for a browser with support in fonts for more than just
> > 8859-1, at least latin, cyrillic and greek scripts.
> Have you ever tried the Alis Tango browser? Cf.
> <>.
> I haven't tried it yet, as apparently there is no Windows 3.11, 16bit,
> version. According to the Alis WWW pages, the Tango
> browser is available for Windows 3.11, 32-bit, and for Windows 95,
> systems.
> I'd like to read about your experiences with the browsers
> you will try, after this thread.
> Best wishes,
> Otto Stolz
Mark Bishop
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