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Date: Sat Sep 20 1997 - 10:38:02 EDT

A 10:26 97-09-19 -0700, Michael Everson a écrit :
>My understanding about the Danish/Norwegian/Icelandic!/Faroese!/English!
>letter AE was that its appearance as LIGATURE rather than letter was
>claimed to have been a change in the DIS which had not been agreed in
>committee, which is why it was changed -- not because one or more national
>bodies wanted it their way.
>They wanted it their way because it is the right identification of the
>character, but it is procedures which got the change made.

[Alain] :
The history is slightly more complicated. It is SC2/WG3 which had refused
to name AE a letter, wishing to retain the original term of LIGATURE as it
was in the published ISO/IEC 8859-1 in 1987.

SC2/WG2 had agreed with another name indeed. But there was an agreemnent
between WG2 and WG3, that names should be aligned, so the WG2 editor did
the change in agreement with the WG3 convenor. Later on, the Scandinavian
countries made pressure in WG2 (defect report), and this was finally agreed
that the official name would be LETTER (French uses it as a joined digraph
[another term to make realize that it is not a mere typographical
convention allowed everywhere], but it is, after all, more reasonable to
have the Scandinavian name official, as it is more frequently used in these

In the French version of SC2 standards, we respect that decision. We put
the French usage name between parenthesis at the end of French character
name LETTRE LATINE AE (this usage is "digramme soudé ae", the term used by
GREVISSE, the worlwide-recognized French language grammarian autority,
which is Belgian; this reference was found by Michel Suignard, from
Microsoft, formerly AFNOR/CN2 chairman, before he migrated to the USA).
This is not part of the official name, but comments are allowed between
parenthesis after a name in ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2 standards (we also put the
name ligature between parenthesis as this is also used widely, in French).

Alain LaBonté

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