Re: IPA-Related Defect Reports

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Thu Sep 25 1997 - 14:27:15 EDT

I wonder if interested parties would like to take the IPA discussions
offline with me and some others. The Intl Phonetic Association and I have
been discussing UCS equivalents for all the IPA characters to find out
what's missing or what's new that can be unified. John's defect reports
touch on a lot of what we've been discussing.

(This is not related to the Greek question I mentioned yesterday, but that
might come up later as well.)

The IPA Extensions for Disturbed Speech (which has cool characters like
LETTER FENG and BIDENTAL PERCUSSIVE) are one of topics of discussion.

Perhaps Sarasvati could make a list for us. I will get the flowers and

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