Re: name changes for quotation marks and euro?

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Oct 02 1997 - 11:54:45 EDT

> Shouldn't the names of the "left" and "right" quotation marks like
> U+201C LEFT DOUBLE QUOTATION MARK be changed to something more
> culturally neutral like DOUBLE HI-6 QUOTATION MARK since for instance
> Germans quote ,,LOW-9 HI-6``, thus put the ``left'' quotes right.
> I also suggest renaming the old U+20A0 EURO-CURRENCY SIGN to ECU SIGN
> to prevent confusion with the future U+20AC EURO SIGN.
> Ecu (pronounced the French way) is the going name in use for today's
> European Currency Unit.

The names are what they are. WG2 has decided not to make name
changes for existing characters (even when they could be improved).
Fiddling with the names introduces confusion, version difficulties
with the standards, never satisfies everyone, and opens the door
to endless dickering about issues that don't really matter and have no

Think of the character names as arbitrary identifiers. (They actually
are for the Han characters: CJK UNIFIED IDEOGRAPH 4E00, etc.)

An interesting masters degree project for some future young historian
of character standards would be to collect together all the alternative
names various characters have been referred to by, both in and outside
the context of the standards.

--Ken Whistler

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