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From: Steve Bossie (
Date: Wed Oct 15 1997 - 10:03:21 EDT

Many people in Japan no longer use physical terminals - they use
terminal emulators. If you have Japanese Windows 95 or NT, I recommend
Tera Term, which is configurable for JIS, EUC, Shift-JIS, etc.

Steve Bossie

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> Hi,
> Just a query really.
> We've just finished completing the unicode port of our product to
> Solaris, and were wondering how best to test the enhanced character
> functionality.
> We are running it on Japanese Solaris 2.5.1 on an old Sparc 5 machine
> -
> sadly, however, this machine only has a vt100 terminal attached to it.
> From all the documentation I have found CDE seems to be the only way
> to
> display graphical (japanese) characters from this machine. We can't
> do
> this as the machine has no video card or workstation monitor.
> I was wondering whether dumb terminals existed which can display
> foreign
> character sets (japanese in particular). I guess they must, but I can
> find no information about them. I would go to the Sun porting centre
> here in the UK, and use a nice shiny box there, but given that it took
> over 2 and a half months to locate and import the operating system,
> finding a whole machine to test our port on will probably take just as
> long..
> Does anyone have any ideas, or know of companies who can supply or
> lease
> such equipment (particularly dumb terminals), any advice anyone could
> give would be much appreciated.
> many thanks,
> Greg Read.

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