From: Greg Read (gregr@uk.micronetics.com)
Date: Fri Oct 10 1997 - 05:15:53 EDT


Just a query really.

We've just finished completing the unicode port of our product to
Solaris, and were wondering how best to test the enhanced character

We are running it on Japanese Solaris 2.5.1 on an old Sparc 5 machine -
sadly, however, this machine only has a vt100 terminal attached to it.
From all the documentation I have found CDE seems to be the only way to
display graphical (japanese) characters from this machine. We can't do
this as the machine has no video card or workstation monitor.

I was wondering whether dumb terminals existed which can display foreign
character sets (japanese in particular). I guess they must, but I can
find no information about them. I would go to the Sun porting centre
here in the UK, and use a nice shiny box there, but given that it took
over 2 and a half months to locate and import the operating system,
finding a whole machine to test our port on will probably take just as

Does anyone have any ideas, or know of companies who can supply or lease
such equipment (particularly dumb terminals), any advice anyone could
give would be much appreciated.

many thanks,
Greg Read.

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