Unicode Arabic BDF font available

From: Mark Leisher (mleisher@crl.nmsu.edu)
Date: Fri Oct 17 1997 - 13:36:40 EDT

In the process of working on editing support for various languages that
use the Arabic script, I have created a minimally usable proportional
BDF font in a simple newspaper style with most of the Unicode 2.0 Arabic
characters supported (around 600 glyphs).

What is not supported are non-required ligatures and some of the
non-spacing marks. There are also some characters which are formed
using other Unicode non-spacing marks and are not included as separate
glyphs in this font. For example, 0x0686 + 0x0307 (ARABIC LETTER TCHEH
+ COMBINING DOT ABOVE) forms the Kurdish letter "CH", where TCHEH is in
the font, but the combined TCHEH and DOT ABOVE shape is not.

The font is available from:


The copyright on the font is basically the same as the copyright found
in X11: you can do almost anything with it, but just keep the copyright

Please feel free to forward any additions, changes, or fixes to me. I
would like to continue improving the font and the more help, the better
it will be.


P.S. For those of you who picked up my 1996 distribution of
     "arabic16.tar.gz", this new release replaces it.

     The changes from the older font are:
       0. Renamed it arabic24.bdf to reflect actual point size and
          changed the font name to indicate Unicode 2.0 encoding.
       1. Added two missing contextual forms.
       2. Adjusted the initial and medial forms for Jawi 0x06BD so the
          three dots are below.
       3. Fixed the incorrect alternate digit shapes.
       4. A number of adjustments in the metrics.
       5. A small amount of cleanup on some of the shapes, but more is
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