RE: Japanese character need help

From: Chester, Bernard (
Date: Fri Oct 17 1997 - 13:04:07 EDT

We'll need to know more about the mail service you are using, but I
would write it in Unicode (Wide character support). I might have to
convert the stream to UFT-8 or UTF-7 to get through the mail transport;
in that case, you have to make sure the client can handle the code/

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> Subject: Japanese character need help
> I have a problem if possible please help me.
> I develop program in english version of Visual C++. The program will
> send the mail to a mail server. Now tell what shloud i do before
> sending
> the mail so that all japanese characters come.
> At the server side i take the mail (thru .forward and process)
> what should be done at server side. At server side program is in java.
> Please help.

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