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Date: Sun Oct 19 1997 - 05:33:25 EDT

Alain & Others,

I just arrived (yesterday) from Dublin and I'm leaving (today) for ten days
in Bad Boll; consequently, I right now cannot submit the proper material to
you. When I'm back, I'll be back on this, unless Klaas Ruppel (on copy) will
be able to do so in the meantime. Incidentally, Microsoft has found enough
evidence on the validity of our claim to have now added them to their

Regards, EIK

At 09.50 1997.10.16 -0400, Alain La Bonté - ordi3dgsig wrote:
>A 03:07 97-10-16 -0700, KNAPPEN@MZDMZA.ZDV.UNI-MAINZ.DE a écrit :
>>Alain La Bonté schrieb:
>>> [...] 4 Latin-1-less missing Finnish characters are concerned [...]
>>How do \v{s} and \v{z} come into finnish? My (not necessarily newest)
>>sources don't show them and scanning through some printed text in finnish I
>>wasn't able to locate any instance of them.
>>I have heard they were added to estonian some time ago, but again a longer
>>text (40 pages) I have checked in estonian deos not show a single instance
>>of them.
>>So, if only for curiosity, I'd like to know about the usage of \v{s} and
>>in finnish.
>>--J"org Knappen
>[Alain] :
>Erkki, can you answer this question asked on the UNICODE list ?
>If Finland asks for this, it must be in the Finnish repertoire, but you're
>the expert in Finnish.
>Alain LaBonté
Erkki I Kolehmainen


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