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Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 07:02:06 EDT

Den 20 Oct 97 klokka 6:06 skreiv Klaas Ruppel i «Re: Finnish»:

> Alain & others,
> please let me clarify the matter. The letters \v{s} and \v{z} are not used
> in originally Finnish words. However they are needed to write certain -
> from other scripts transliterated - foreign names and loanwords. The
> letters represent the soundless and the sounded fricative s.
> Some examples:
> foreign names: \v{S}ostakovit\v{s} (Russian composer)
> Jo\v{s}kar-Ola (Capital city of Mari El)
> T\v{s}ernobyl

I would suppose the Finns to use "Ts^ornobyl" (third letter "o")
instead. That is the Ukrainian form of the name. There is no reason
to use a form which is borrowed via the Russian.

I suppose a number of Finns would react negatively if forms like
"Tavastehus" and "Tammerfors" (Swedish names for Finnish towns) were
used in foreign-language contexts...

> Ni\v{z}nij-Novgorod
> ...

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