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Date: Mon Oct 20 1997 - 10:17:52 EDT

If you're going to publish an "open letter" it would seem to me to be
courteous to send a copy to the addressee(s) ...

you think?


Michael Everson <> on 10/20/97 08:03:15 AM

Please respond to

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Ar 02:11 -0700 1997-10-20, scr=EDobh Otto Stolz:
>On Oct 19, 4:40, Michael Everson wrote:
>> The name is a cultural disaster. I have written an essay on this at
>Michael, this essay is dubbed an "Open letter ... to the ministers of =
>European union member states".
>Did you actually send it to them? If so, did you ever receive a reply?=

No, I didn't send it to anyone but the Web. Do you think it would do an=

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