Re: Euro

Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 13:22:25 EDT

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>The position of the Unicode Consortium is that U+20A0 is inappropriate to
>use for the Euro (i.e., it has a different meaning). It isn't a glyph
>issue; we consider them two different symbols.
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>>Question: does position 20A0 for the ECU or EURO ?

>Neither. It's for "an undefined, future pan-European currency." When
>the Euro comes into existence, it won't be "undefined," and it won't be
>"future," hence U+20A0 isn't appropriate to use for it.
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I understand that the Consortium has made this decision,
and I have no intention to fight it, but am I the only one
who feels lost reading this logic? It sounds like 20A0
was intended as a place-holder for a pan-European currency.
Now the Euro has been defined as a pan-European currency.

It seems strange to reserve something undefined for future
use, but then not use it because the now-present, defined
item isn't "undefined" or "future" anymore. How could you
ever use this slot?

The argument that the ECU and Euro are different currencies
seems more compelling.

Sandra Martin O'Donnell

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