Re: Unicode for Malayalam Language.

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 14:05:22 EDT

On 10/21/97 9:16 AM, Mark Liberman ( wrote:

>As far as I know, no major-vendor unicode-aware software now includes
>a general "rendering engine" capable of handling the character
>composition needs of scripts with non-trivial composed characters
>(where "trivial" composed characters are the ones that work by just
>assigning font widths appropriately).
>Furthermore, I don't know of any scheduled major-vendor products that
>will have such general Unicode rendering capability, or even any
>announced development effort along these lines.

QuickDraw GX has a general rendering engine that can handle all the
non-trivial scripts (including Malayalam) and has been available on the
Macintosh since 1994.

Apple is currently working on Unicode Imaging Services, which will be
released next year as a core component of the next major upgrade of the
MacOS. UIS incorporates QuickDraw GX typography and will therefore have
such a rendering engine.

John H. Jenkins

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