RE: Unicode for Malayalam Language.

From: F. Avery Bishop (
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 14:39:57 EDT

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>I would be very happy to learn that I am wrong about any or all of this.

Well, then I am about to make you very happy.

At Microsoft we are implementing the parsing, measuring, and rendering
layers needed to properly display and edit several complex scripts in
Windows NT(R). We already have a version of Windows NT 4.0 for Arabic,
Hebrew, and Thai, that supports diacritics and non-spacing vowels. We are
currently working on Indic support for Windows NT 5.0, to ship sometime in
1998. The current plan is for Hindi (and possibly Tamil) in Windows NT 5.0,
and other Indic languages including Malayalam, in later versions.

F. Avery Bishop
Program Manager, Complex Script Enabling

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