Re: "Euro" and the POSIX locale model

From: Keld J|rn Simonsen (
Date: Sun Nov 02 1997 - 19:47:19 EST

Kenneth Whistler writes:

> So then where do I get the Euro for German or Italian or Greek formatted
> data, or for my multilingual environment? Or what if I need to keep
> the Lira for my Italian formatted data at the same time? Environment
> variables are the wrong technology for dealing with these issues.

Then you can chose the italian locale with the euro, etc.

> > Better still, we may consider extending the current monetary definition
> > to handle the more than one currency case in a single country.
> How about more than one language in a single country? How about
> more than one character set for a single language? How about more
> than one collation for a single language, or vice versa?

These can all be done with current POSIX technologies.
> >
> > This problem is not unique to POSIX compliance systems. Other non-POSIX
> > systems have to solve the same problem.
> Agreed. But I'd be happier if the last sentence of your first paragraph
> read, instead:
> It is possible to choose the desired behavior to meet one's need.

Yes, that can be done, where do you see the problem?


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