Re: "Euro" and the POSIX locale model

From: Keld J|rn Simonsen (
Date: Sun Nov 02 1997 - 19:43:14 EST

Mark Leisher writes:

> There is a lot of confusion about POSIX locales not only because of the
> problems you mention above, but because vendors supply platform specific
> POSIX locale support that does not work the same on other platforms.
> Can I use my Solaris 2.6 Estonian locale on the latest AIX? Probably
> not. At least not unless I have the locale sources and was willing to
> do some fiddling to get the sources in shape for compiling on AIX.

There are a number of locales available in source form at - if vendors could
use these together with the accompanying charmaps, POSIX locales
would be much more portable across platforms.


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