"Euro" and the POSIX locale model

From: Tom Garland SMI European Software Centre (Tom.Garland@Ireland.Sun.COM)
Date: Tue Oct 21 1997 - 09:45:18 EDT

The current POSIX locale model doesn't support multiple currencies (I'm aware of
the ungoing discussions on this in CEN/TC304). I'm interested in hearing what
others think wrt to implementation of locales with Euro currency support on
existing POSIX based systems in the interim. My assumption is that these
systems could support the Euro by supplying additional Latin-0 based (or UTF-8
based) POSIX locales - say fr_EU.iso8859-0 or *fr_EU.UTF-8.

Is this a correct assumption?


*Is there a 3166 code for the European Union?. If not any suggestions on a
naming convention for Euro based locales.




I'm aware that latin-0 may not be the official name.

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