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From: Andrea Vine (
Date: Mon Nov 03 1997 - 15:53:45 EST

OK John,
This has bothered me since I saw the billboard. Any chance the slogan on the T-shirt
could be punctuated:

Think "different"

? (This may also help those translating.) As I'm sure you know, without that
punctuation, the connotation of the slogan is an ungrammatical version of "Think
differently." (Act locally?)

Tell them, John. Tell them for the sake of English education!!! Apple has a
reputation of being the educational pc of choice.


John H. Jenkins wrote:
> OK, Unicadets--
> For various reasons known only to the encoding gods (and because we want
> to make a T-shirt), Apple's International, Text, and Graphics group is
> trying to figure out how to write "Think different" in some language
> covered by each script included in Unicode 2.0.
> ("Think different" is Apple's new slogan from its new ad campaign. No,
> we don't know what it's supposed to mean, either.)
> Right now, we're still missing:
> Coptic
> Armenian
> Bengali
> Gumurkhi
> Gujarati
> Oriya
> Tamil
> Telugu
> Kannada
> Lao
> Georgian
> Scripts on their way to being encoded such as Ethiopic and Cherokee are
> OK, too.
> Anybody able to help out with a script or two? Pictures or Unicode code
> points are OK.
> =====
> John H. Jenkins

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