Re: Etruscan

From: Martin J. Dürst (
Date: Tue Nov 04 1997 - 06:11:24 EST

On Mon, 3 Nov 1997, Michael Everson wrote:

> Ar 01:04 -0800 1997-11-03, scríobh Martin J. Dürst:
> >For Etruscan as well as Hieroglyphs,..., the situation is almost the
> >same. RTL is more frequent in the ancient texts, LTR seems more
> >popular for mixed scholarly texts.
> This is NOT true for Egyptian. Both directions are frequently used in
> Egyptian of all periods.

Which would be an additional argument to making a lot of these
scripts LTR, wouldn't it?

> >- The fact that BIDI implementations will have difficulties to be
> > updated with new character properties when new characters
> > are added (this would in essence be a strong suggestion that
> > everything except U+0580-U+7FF is LTR) would get consideration
> No way. This is already broken by the existence of Plane 1.

Of course I know that it's impossible to have all RTL characters
within U+0580-U+7FF. But it would be a good idea if all the RTL
scripts in Plane 1 went close together, and some reserved space
be kept closeby for newly encoded RTL scripts. That would make
it easier for software to do the right thing.

Regards, Martin.

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