Re: (i18n.383) Latin 0 current proposal and ISO/IEC 9995-3 international keyboard standard (Fwd)

From: Ienup Sung (is@dakota-76.Eng.Sun.COM)
Date: Sun Nov 16 1997 - 23:26:37 EST

In case you are also interested in the status of Latin-0. >----------------Begin Forwarded Message----------------< Date: Sun, 16 Nov 1997 20:18:52 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time) From: Ienup Sung <is@dakota-76> Subject: Re: (i18n.383) Latin 0 current proposal and ISO/IEC 9995-3 international keyboard standard To: =?us-ascii?Q?Alain_LaBont=E9_-_2?= <> Thanks for the additional info. I remember that you also forwarded info on the status of Latin-0 at SC2/WG3 that ballots (concurrent NP and FCD) are going to close in the next weeks. Just wanted to share the info... Merci beaucoup, Ienup ] A 11:27 14/11/97 -0800, Ienup Sung a écrit : ] >Thanks for the info. Would you please enlighten me whether there will be ] >any change in the code positions, esp. Euro? ] > ] >So far it looks like Euro, <Y¨>, <oe> and <OE> will take the positions of ] >¤, '¨', '´' and '¸', respectively, at the ISO 8859-15. ] > ] >Thanks for your time, ] > ] >Ienup ] ] [Alain] : ] No change is likely to occur except for the EURO SIGN, which will most ] probably come back to the original proposal (it was then replacing the ] CURRENCY SIGN). The current proposal abstract is (I added for you a note ] between parenthseis for 11/01): ] ] 10/08 LATIN SMALL LETTER S WITH CARON (LETTRE MINUSCULE LATINE S CARON) ] 11/01 (** change likely to 10/04 **) EURO SIGN (SYMBOLE EURO) ] 11/04 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Z WITH CARON (LETTRE MAJUSCULE LATINE Z CARON) ] 11/08 LATIN SMALL LETTER Z WITH CARON (LETTRE MINUSCULE LATINE Z CARON) ] 11/12 LATIN CAPITAL LIGATURE OE (DIGRAMME SOUDÉ MAJUSCULE LATIN OE) ] 11/13 LATIN SMALL LIGATURE OE (DIGRAMME SOUDÉ MINUSCULE LATIN OE) ] 11/14 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER Y WITH DIAERESIS (LETTRE MAJUSCULE LATINE Y ] TRÉMA) ] ] Btw the meeting last week of ISO/IEC JTC1/WG5 (ex-JTC1/SC18/WG9) in ] Cupertino, dealing with keyboards, also recommended that the CURRENCY ] SYMBOL key position in ISO/IEC 9995-3 international keyboard be changed to ] EURO SIGN as well (it means that those choosing to implement exact Latin 0 ] for the EURO SIGN and which were already supporting the ISO/IEC 9995-3 ] keyboard for exact Latin 1 would not even have a change to do, as far as ] coding is concerned (font is another matter, of course). ] ] The CURRENCY SYMBOL is recommended to be moved in the international ] keyboard on level 3 of the same key where it was in level 2 in the current ] keyboard standard (i.e on the same key as digit 4, in international "group ] 2"; (so far there was *no* character in level 3 of this international ] group). As an editor, I've been instructed to revise a PDAM to ISO/IEC ] 9995-3 which I had already prepared concerning the EURO SIGN issue on ] keyboards and take measures to initiate an international ballot on this ] slight change of the international keyboard standard. Contrary to my ] initial proposal, JTC1/WG5 will *not* make recommendations regarding ] national keyboard layouts (only on the international keyboard standard ] ISO/IEC 9995-3). Consensus was reached on this issue to the satisfaction of ] all parties. ] ] Alain LaBonté ] Cairo >----------------End Forwarded Message----------------<

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