RE: Latin 0 current proposal and ISO/IEC 9995-3 international

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Date: Sun Nov 16 1997 - 10:45:08 EST

A 08:55 16/11/97 -0600, Hohberger, Clive P. a écrit :
>Maybe I missed part of the conversation, but at the meeting last week of
>ISO/IEC JTC1/WG5 was any decision or proposal made regarding the
>position of the Euro sign in other ISO 8859 character sets, most
>particularly 8859/1 on which most barcodes are based?
>Best regards,
>Clive :-)}

[Alain] :
This JTC1/WG5 just deals with keyboard layouts, fortunately (;

This is orthogonal to coding. The position of the EURO SIGN according to
ISO/IEC 9995-3 keyboard shall not vary, whatever the code used under the
hood (:

This code can be (and actually in Canadian implementations, multiple coding
is used without affecting the user interface) ISO/IEC 8859-1, -15, etc., or
IBM 850, ISO/IEC 6937, the Mac proprietary code or UNICODE, or anything
else. The keyboard layout does not care and I think that this decoupling is

I hope it answers your question.


Alain LaBonté

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