Re: Greek/Etruscan/Gothic Unification Proposal

From: John Clews (
Date: Wed Nov 19 1997 - 14:51:18 EST

Like most people, I also do not support the idea of unifying
Greek, Etruscan, and Gothic, although the side-by-side comparison
of these scripts in John Cowan's email is in itself useful.
The shapes are generally very different - much as with several of the
Indic scripts - and therefore there is no case to unify Greek,
Etruscan, and Gothic any more than to unify the Indic scripts.

As Mark Davis writes:

> One of the key points is whether native speakers of the three
> scripts would recognize the standard character shapes as being the
> roughly the same.

What I have never really understood - largely through lack of
knowledge - is the common opposition to unifying Coptic with Greek.

I would be glad if someone would explain this to me. To me,
unfamiliar with the script and languages, Greek and Coptic seem to be
as much of a continuum as do Church Slavonic and Russian.

Although the shapes for the same/similar Church Slavonic and Russian
often vary considerably, nobody seems to suggest that these should
not be unified, as they have been in ISO/IEC 10646.

Comments would be vey welcome, for my peace of mind!

Best wishes

John Clews

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