status of Khmer and Ethiopic

From: Siobhan Harper Jones (Volt Computer) (
Date: Wed Nov 19 1997 - 17:51:20 EST

> Hello,
> I am consulting on a project for a medical center which wants to publish
> health education materials on the Web in various languages of Seattle-area
> refugee communities. I'd appreciate any information that you could provide
> me on the status of Khmer and Ethiopic.
> Khmer is found on the Unicode site with a 1992 proposal under a header
> which
> states:
> >>The following modern scripts are currently not supported in Unicode.
>>Some of them have been codified and accepted for inclusion in a future
>>version of the standard.
> >>Extensions to Unicode (and ISO/IEC 10646) which will address the needs
> of
>> these scripts are being developed and evaluated by both the Unicode
>> Committee and by ISO JTC1/SC2/WG2.

> Does that mean that no further action is being taken on Khmer at present?
> The fact that is is not found under _Proposed Unicode Characters_ seems to
> indicate so. Is there a way to revive the request, or is it still in the
> pipeline at all?
> Ethiopic (Amharic, Tigrinye, etc.) was apparently accepted on 96-Mar-06
> and
> given Stage 5 status on 97-Ju1-04, according to the Unicode site. I
> understand the caveat that encoding these points in a font is at our own
> risk, but is there an ETA on final approval/publication? If that is still
> a
> long way off in the future, maybe it makes sense to go ahead with our
> preliminary project efforts, and risk later reassignments.
> Thank you,
> Siobhán Harper-Jones

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