Re: status of Khmer and Ethiopic

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Wed Nov 19 1997 - 20:16:45 EST

    Siobhán Harper-Jones writes:

>> Does that mean that no further action is being taken on Khmer at
>> present? The fact that is is not found under _Proposed Unicode
>> Characters_ seems to indicate so. Is there a way to revive the
>> request, or is it still in the pipeline at all?
>> Ethiopic (Amharic, Tigrinye, etc.) was apparently accepted on
>> 96-Mar-06 and given Stage 5 status on 97-Ju1-04, according to the
>> Unicode site. I understand the caveat that encoding these points
>> in a font is at our own risk, but is there an ETA on final
>> approval/publication? If that is still a long way off in the
>> future, maybe it makes sense to go ahead with our preliminary
>> project efforts, and risk later reassignments.

Siobhán, I think we'll see some progress on Khmer towards the end of
December at which time we will hopefully have a bit more information
about the official Cambodian position on encoding. Even with that, I
don't know how long it will take to get Khmer officially into
Unicode/ISO10646, but considering the amount of time it took for
Ethiopic, there could be something of a delay :-)

If you are under a time constraint, I would recommend the conventional
approach: use the Anlongvill fonts (can be found on the Web by that
name) and generate text that matches the font. You can generate Khmer
text using a number of packages, including one called Uppaco-Nippuen
which uses the Anlongvill font and looks interesting. I haven't looked
at it yet myself and if anyone has reviewed it, I'd love to hear about
it by private email.

For Ethiopic (Amharic, Tigrigna, Oromo, etc.), Daniel Yacob has some
Ethiopic TT fonts (one Unicode ordered font, or a pair of fonts with
< 256 glyphs each) which are located at:

I believe there are keyboard descriptions there as well. I can't recall
seeing much about Ethiopic editors for Windows, but I haven't looked in
a long time. Perhaps someone else on the list has a suggestion.

Hopefully this will give you some options until inexpensive Khmer and
Ethiopic support is more readily available.
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