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From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 16:33:28 EST

    Michael> Ar 11:41 -0800 1997-11-21, scríobh Michael Everson:
>> Ar 09:03 -0800 1997-11-21, scríobh John H. Jenkins:
>>> So then, the *real* (and doubtless unanswerable) question is:
>>> If Greek were ever to be written RTL for any reason in today's
>>> world, would people expect it to have its glyphs reversed or
>>> not?
>> If you look at Carroll's, you'll find an answer to this question
>> for Latin.

    Michael> I mean't Carroll's _Through the Looking-Glass_, of course.

Of course. But if you had meant Jonathan Carroll's _Land Of Laughs_, I
would have been in awe of your subtle but powerful sense of irony :-)
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