Re: AW: Greek/Etruscan/Gothic Unification Proposal

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 19:45:40 EST

    John> Marc Wilhelm Kuester wrote:
>> [T]o use Mark Davis' words: native speakers or experts in the
>> case of dead languages should consider the result as being a
>> correct and readable representation of the text.

The phrase "... native speakers or experts in the case of dead languages
..." is a bit odd. Does anyone know of a native speaker of a dead
language? Or is a language considered dead when the population of
native speakers falls below some threshold?

>> [E]xperts in the field would consider it acceptable (not
>> necessarily beautiful!) to find their sources rendered in the
>> other script and vice versa: [i]f a majority or even a sizable
>> minority would not, then give that script a distinct code range.

    John> In that case, Gothic should be unified with Latin, because
    John> almost all Gothicists, except those actually concerned with
    John> palaeography, seem to consider Latin transliteration perfectly
    John> acceptable! The same seems to be true of
    John> Etruscan/Oscan/Umbrian.

As Herr Professor Jost Gippert pointed out in one of his papers (I have
it at work somewhere), it behooves us to encode ancient
scripts in such a way as they can be accurately represented using both
today's conventions (i.e. glosses in academic papers) and in their
myriad historical forms. Although I do not recall the details at the
moment, I seem to recall he made some good arguments about giving
ancient scripts their own encoding ranges.

I will post the URL to this paper later this weekend and see if my
recollections have decayed or not :-) With luck, someone on the list
may already have the URL and post it before I get to it.
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