Re: CORBA and Unicode

From: Mark Leisher (
Date: Fri Nov 21 1997 - 18:04:55 EST

    Jim> Has anyone here tweaked CORBA 2.0 IDL code to gain Unicode
    Jim> support? I am trying to add Unicode support to the IDL
    Jim> generated code, using sequences of shorts vs. the char *'s that
    Jim> a engrained into the code. CORBA 2.0 does not support Unicode
    Jim> and this is a problem for us.

Jim, I have no direct experience with CORBA myself, but I suspect that
to make it work, you will have to pass UTF-8 text around and convert it
to the 16-bit form only when it is destined for the user interface.
That way you won't need to change the types, just the logic, if you do
any string processing that is.

I doubt many applications will be 16-bit clean for quite some time to
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