Re: CORBA and Unicode

From: Jim Saunders (
Date: Sun Nov 23 1997 - 23:31:00 EST

This depends on the vendor of your orb. Visigenic's visibroker 3.0 ORB has
implemented the extension to Corba which support wchar_t (wstring) as a data
type. This allows you to pass Unicode through the API's, and gives you
compatibility with the Java String type which is also Unicode. I'm not sure
what the other ORB vendors are doing.


Jim Laverty wrote:

> Has anyone here tweaked CORBA 2.0 IDL code to gain Unicode support? I am
> trying to add Unicode support to the IDL generated code, using sequences of
> shorts vs. the char *'s that a engrained into the code. CORBA 2.0 does not
> support Unicode and this is a problem for us.

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