Re: CORBA and Unicode

From: Jim Laverty (
Date: Mon Nov 24 1997 - 11:58:34 EST

We are using IONA Technology's Orbix 2.2C01 (CORBA 2.0 based).

At 08:31 PM 11/23/97 -0800, Jim Saunders wrote:
>This depends on the vendor of your orb. Visigenic's visibroker 3.0 ORB has
>implemented the extension to Corba which support wchar_t (wstring) as a data
>type. This allows you to pass Unicode through the API's, and gives you
>compatibility with the Java String type which is also Unicode. I'm not sure
>what the other ORB vendors are doing.
>Jim Laverty wrote:
>> Has anyone here tweaked CORBA 2.0 IDL code to gain Unicode support? I am
>> trying to add Unicode support to the IDL generated code, using sequences of
>> shorts vs. the char *'s that a engrained into the code. CORBA 2.0 does not
>> support Unicode and this is a problem for us.
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