Re: Coptic/Greek DIS-Unification Proposal

From: Timothy Partridge (
Date: Sat Nov 29 1997 - 19:26:37 EST

John Cowan recently said:

> > Does anyone REALLY object to dis-unifying Coptic and Greek?
> I don't object to it, so in the spirit of things, I will put forward
> strawman reasons for maintaining the status quo. It's a poor argument
> that won't point both ways.


> 4) Some folks may have already encoded Coptic text using the Greek
> unification, and dis-unification would make their data putatively
> invalid (a new implementation would make it come out as Greek).
> This was the argument used for not unifying the EURO SIGN with

How about the Plane 14 language tagging proposal? Smart implementations
could note that the language is Coptic and change font.

> But in fact I favor dis-unification.

So do I, especially since the glyphs are significantly different.
What I hadn't caught on to until I saw Michael Everson's web site
( ) was how much they resembled Cyrillic.


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