Re: Unicode for Malayalam Language.

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Date: Sat Nov 29 1997 - 08:33:13 EST

On Nov 21, 9:33pm, Glenn Adams wrote:
> Subject: Re: Unicode for Malayalam Language.
> I have reviewed your comments on the encoding of Malayalam script in Unicode
> and ISO/IEC 10646 in:
> I do not believe any action is required. In particular,
> The above ISCII encoding of these Malayalam forms is prescribed by
> IS 13194:1991 (ISCII 91) on page 19, under "Inscript Overlay for
> Malayalam". The Unicode encoding of half forms and conjunct consonants


        How can I get a copy of ISCII 91 ? Is it available on the net ?

        I feel, RRA(h) (ta - last character I pointed out as missing) can not
        be considered as a conjuct of RA because its pronunciation
        is totally different. Only form-wise, it looks like one big RA over
        small RA.

        More over, among the symbols, one particular symbol called
        "prasLe'sham" whose glyph is almost like an open integral sign and
        pronunciation like 'sau' is not included. This symbol is more often
        used than the symbol for half (1/2) or vocalic L. But I have not
        mentioned about this in my earlier comments.


>-- End of excerpt from Glenn Adams

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