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Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 12:44:30 EST


Basis Technology has a cross-platform C++ Unicode support library which
does encoding conversions, character classification and character
transformations. The code is ANSI draft C++, so it should be portable
to any platform; so far we have compiled it on Solaris, NT, Mac and

A trial version of a conversion/transformation utility built with this
library is available to everyone on our web site at

Steve Cohen
VP Engineering
Basis Technology

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> I am frequently getting questions from people I support about Unicode
> and
> UTF-8 tools.
> They tend to be looking for (development) tools and aids, for any
> platform/operating system.
> They ask for Editors, convertors, debugging aids, generally of the
> freeware, shareware kind, but not unwilling to pay for a quality tool.
> So I'd like to start a list. If you would suggest or recommend a
> Unicode
> based tool send me a private email and after a bit I will publish the
> list back to the unicode list. Maybe, we can turn it into a Unicode
> catalog web page somewhere.
> tex
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