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From: Jungshik Shin (
Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 13:04:09 EST

On Tue, 25 Nov 1997, Mark Leisher wrote:

> Anousak> Hi Mark, Does this contain Lao characters? Thanks
> Yes, it does have Lao glyphs. I have little experience with Lao letter
> shapes, so any comments or fixes would be most welcome!
> The fonts contain glyphs for many Unicode blocks. Some of the the
> blocks not yet supported in the fonts are Han, Hangul, Tibetan, the
> Indic scripts, and some dingbat and symbol blocks. There may be other
> blocks missing, I just don't recall them right now.

   Glyphs for all the Hangul syllables in Unicode 2.0(11,172 of them)
can be obtained in BDF from a few freely available Hangul true type
fonts (e.g. Bitstream Cyberit and MS IE Int'l Extension for Korean)
using ttf2bdf-k(a version of ttf2bdf patched by Choi, Jun-Ho which fixes
the problem arising from the false assumption of the original ttf2bdf
about TrueType font format. The original ttf2bdf can't handle
'composite' glyphs in truetype font unless it has been fixed since). Of
course, it has to be made sure that Bitstream and MS don't mind their
fonts being released in BDF. MS fonts contain Hanja (Chinese letters as
used in Korea. over four thousands of them defined in KS C
5601-1987),too. ttf2bdf-k is available at
<url:>. The web page is in
Korean, but one doesn't have to read it to use ttf2bdf-k.

ttf2bdf-k -pid 3 -eid 1 -l 65535 -o xxx.bdf xxx.ttf

 One more step you have to take is edit a BDF file obtained this way.
There should be a line at the beginning of BDF file obtained that reads

CHARS 1????

which should be changed to read

CHARS 65535

It should be easy enough to incorporate glyphs for 11,172 of Hangul into
your Unicode font if you don't mind enormous size increase.
I wish this information would help your Unicode font be more

     Jungshik Shin


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