RE: Pi Constancy

From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Mon Dec 01 1997 - 19:47:50 EST

Michael responded:
> Ar 14:27 -0800 1997-12-01, scríobh Murray Sargent:
> >Amen. If we wanted to define separate codepoints for all the important math
> >and science symbols, we'd need another surrogate plane. Such definitions
> >are really at a higher level than plain text.
> I hasten to add that I was _not_ suggesting that we do so. I'd like to see
> little "deprecated" notes next to things like ANGSTROM SIGN, which is
> really LATIN LETTER A WITH RING. I bet Dr. Ångström would agree.

The little "deprecated" notes can be found in the UnicodeData-2.0.14.txt
file on the Unicode ftp server. They are the canonical equivalences
offered for such characters. True, they don't spell out the word
"deprecated", but a canonical equivalence specification is like saying
"you're free to consider this a mistaken extra character for this other
one, and no one can say you nay."


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