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From: Tex Texin (texin@bedford.progress.COM)
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 01:14:02 EST

Sounds like a great present to the Unix world for the upcoming holidays!

On Dec 4, 6:28pm, Mark Leisher wrote:
> Subject: Unicode on Unix
> Since the number of Unix related questions seems to be rising, I
thought I
> would throw this in to tease everyone. There is a good possibility I
will be
> allowed to release a version of MUTT (Multilingual Unicode Text
Toolkit, our
> X11/Motif Unicode toolkit) to the net at large for free in the near
> The free version may or may not have all of the things I mention below,
> should have many of them.
> Some details:
> o Aside from OSF Motif, built entirely from resources freely
available on
> the net and lots of elbow grease.
> o Known to run on most versions of Linux, SunOS, Solaris, and AIX4.
If I
> had access to other platforms (i.e. HP/UX), it would run on those
> well.
> o Supports Motif 1.1.4, 1.2.*, 2.0.1, and soon with 2.1. Rumor has
it that
> it also works with Lesstif, but I have not officially ported it
> o Does not depend on any Unicode, character set conversion, or input
> support from the OS or windowing system.
> o Converts between Unicode and around 90 different character sets and
> transliterations including many rarely seen. Character set
conversion is
> embedded in the API, so it is always available for
> text in non-Unicode character sets.
> o Supports much of Unicode 2.0 with the glaring exception of the
> scripts and Tibetan which are under way at the moment. It even
> mixed direction text pretty darn well.
> o Real crowd pleasers: it supports Ethiopic and Klingon!
> o Has around 80 different input methods for various scripts.
> o No artificial limitations on mixing scripts together. You want to
mix all
> supported scripts in one document? No problem.
> o Provides text, label, push button, and list widgets as well as a
few other
> custom widgets we use for various things.
> o A simple text editor which demonstrates many of MUTT's
> o Numerous other handy features.
> Some of the things MUTT can't do yet and other flaws:
> o No culturally correct sorting.
> o No access to locale data like numeric and money formats.
> o No PushButton and Cascade buttons in menus (Motif is picky about
> classes of widgets can appear in menus).
> o As mentioned before, no Indic scripts or Tibetan yet.
> o No vertical support for Mongolian, Han, and other vertically
> scripts.
> o It is fairly slow on older boxes (i.e. Sparc IPC).
> o It is pretty big (around 3M for source code alone).
> o Font handling is limited to fonts already arranged in Unicode 2.0
> o Documentation is lousy.
> o Various other things I'm sure people will find annoying.
> The (soon to be, I hope) freely available version of MUTT will be a
> crude in some respects, but hey, you get what you pay for :-) I
suspect once
> it is loose on the net, it will rapidly improve in quality.
> I won't be notifying anyone personally, so please don't ask. Stay
tuned, this
> list is the first place NetMUTT will be announced.
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>-- End of excerpt from Mark Leisher

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