Re: future Mac Unicode support

From: John H. Jenkins (
Date: Fri Dec 05 1997 - 00:05:17 EST

On 12/4/97 7:08 PM, Richard Cook ( wrote:

>Any news, rumors etc. on this would be appreciated.

Basically, there are two things going on.

#1. Rhapsody, the next generation Macintosh OS, will be entirely Unicode
based. (Not surprising, since it's a version of OpenStep from NeXT.

#2. Allegro, next year's upgrade to Mac OS 8, will include the ability
to directly render Unicode text in QuickDraw, input Unicode characters,
and have some other Unicode support in the Toolbox.

For more information, contact Merle Tenney, Apple's International
Technologies Evangelist. His e-mail is:

John H. Jenkins

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