Re: Script status changes

From: Michael Everson (
Date: Tue Dec 09 1997 - 14:12:07 EST

Ar 11:58 -0800 1997-12-09, scríobh Kenneth Whistler:

>U+02DF MODIFIER LETTER MIDDLE DOT was originally added
>at UTC #70, as part of rethinking the properties of middle
>dots and apostrophes. It fell through the cracks, and no
>proposal was ever sent to WG2.


>BTW, the original attempt at disambiguation was between the
>use of the middle dot as lengthener/extender (as in Catalan)
>and its de facto use in Windows and other systems as a
>small bullet punctuation mark.

I guess you would have to ask the Catalans. Isn't middle dot also used as a
multiplication sign? Plain old ambigious I guess is OK, since for Catalan
anyway it's strongly environmentally conditioned, predictable, etc.

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