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Date: Tue Dec 09 1997 - 21:19:43 EST

A 15:41 97-12-09 -0800, Lisa Moore a écrit :
>Am I the Lisa you meant to send this to? Did you mean this for someone else?

[Alain] :
I'm sorry, I thought you would have seen the original "To:" field... it was
addressed to Lisa Rajchel, secretary of ISO/IEC JTC1, the secretariat of
which is located at ANSI in New York.

Sorry about the circumstancial confusion. But it is OK that you saw this in
the UNICODE consortium, I sent it there too, as well as to the GUDE SHARE
Europe NLA team list, on which you are (which might explain why you might
have seen multiple copies of this) but since a short while your address was
wrong, and I corrected it o Friday whem you gave me your new card.

[Lisa] :
>PS Very good to see you last week. I was sorry that we didn't have any
time to
>talk more, but you certainly seemed like you are doing well!

[Alain] :
Better than this at this point, I would be dead (; Just kidding, of course.
But I am not so bad indeed (:

I was very glad to see you too and it seems that you do well too.

Alain LaBonté
>To: @ internet
>Subject: FPDAM 1 to ISO/IEC 9995-3 for *international* keyboard suppo
>as per a resolution 7 of the first meeting of JTC1/WG5 (formerly known as
>JTC1/SC18/WG9) held in Cupertino at Apple's headquarters in November, could
>you please take appropriate measures for initiating FPDAM processing of the
>short annexed document as soon as possible. This is urgent matter, as the
>implementation of the EURO is scheduled for 1999-01-01, and we need to have
>international consensus on this by the next meeting of JTC1/WG5, at least
>to set the direction for DAM approval. If ballot could be initiated before
>Christmas with the minimum delays involved and require that countries cast
>their vote as far as possible before the next JTC1/WG5 planned for
>1998-05-11 (in Reykjavík), that would be ideal.
>Thanks a lot.
>Alain LaBonté
>Project Editor, ISO/IEC 9995-3

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