From: Kenneth Whistler (
Date: Thu Dec 11 1997 - 21:26:20 EST

> Yes, this [U+3007] is the "maru" character, used as a zero when using the han
> characters for 0-9 as decimal digits and used as a Japanese checkmark,
> and in contrast with "batsu". It's also used as a placeholder for
> certain types of profanity and is a "slang kanji" for female genitalia
> (in Japanese).

And because Japanese is such a wonderfully complex writing system,
don't forget the other *real* kanji for "maru":

   U+4E38 and U+5186 -- meaning 'round', but not 'zero'

and the other *real* kanji for "zero" (rei):

   U+96F6 -- meaning 'zero', but not 'round'.

And yes, U+96F6 also occasionally occurs being used as a digit.



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