Re: (posix 3411) (i18n.418) 3007 IDEOGRAPHIC NUMBER ZERO

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Date: Thu Dec 11 1997 - 23:54:14 EST

In the message as of Dec 11 19:32, (Keld J|rn Simonsen) writes:
> A question about U3007 IDEOGRAPHIC NUMBER ZERO: Is this character used
> as a digit, and how wide is this use, if any?

In Japan, it is used when expressing numbers of several digits, such as
4-digit year numbers and telephone numbers, in vertically written text
combined with other ideographic numbers. For example, the first year
of the 21st century can be written as follows:

        U4E8C U3007 U3007 U4E00 U5E74
        two zero zero one year

If there are lots of numbers in a document, we can write whole text
horizontally and use Western-style digits. For example, most text in
a Japanese newspaper is written vertically and ideographic numbers are
used, but the table of stock prices in the same newspaper is written
horizontally using Western-style digits.

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