character set onversion routines

From: Victor Tse (
Date: Thu Dec 18 1997 - 16:43:09 EST

I am looking for source code (free or commercially available) that can
do the following character set conversions:

UCS2 -> Microsoft Asian Code Pages(SJIS, BIG5, BG2312 and KCS5601);
UNIX Asian Code Pages (Japanese, Traditional Chinese, Simplify Chinese
and Korean EUC).

Shift-JIS <-> EUC for Japanese (I got this one from
Ken Lunde's book)
BIG5 <-> EUC for Traditional Chinese
BG2312 <-> EUC for Simplify Chinese
KCS5601 <-> EUC for Korean

I cannot rely on OS API to do it. For example, on NTJ, system API cannot
do conversion from SJIS to EUC.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Victor Tse
Senior/Lead I18N Engineer
Remedy Corporation
Tel. 650-254-5335

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